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Project Description

Improved C# LZF Compressor, a very small and extremely efficient real-time data compression library. The compression algorithm is extremely fast. Well suited for real-time data intensive applications (e.g.: packet streaming, embedded devices...). Last not least, it is freely usable, unlike most other compression libraries which are under the GPL, this library uses a BSD-type license, so you can include it in your programs without worrying.

This project is a port of Mark Lehmann's LibLZF: and an improved version of first Oren J. Maurice's C# port back in 2005.
This project is written and maintained by Roman Atachiants (


  • Small code size (less then 500 lines files and docs).
  • Very fast compression speeds, rivaling a straight copy loop, especially for decompression which is basically at (unoptimized) memcpy-speed. Compression speed can be increased by 20% by sacrificing a few percent of compression ratio.
  • Mediocre compression ratios - you can usually expect about 40-50% compression for typical binary data
  • Easy to use
  • Highly portable
  • Freely usable (BSD-type-license)
  • No unsafe calls


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